Saturday, October 25, 2008


The last blog is dedicated to thank every one who have helped and guided me in this course. For me, this would be the most appropriate to end these series of blogs. Im very thankful to:

Professor Raja Maznah for her endless support, guide and constructive criticism,
Our three tutors who spent their time checking on our assignments and correct us gently
(ehem..they intimidated us at first with their strict and do-not-fool-around-with-us look. However, we soon found that we should not judge books by their covers),
my roommates, Ling and Rubi for staying awake and accompany each other when we try to complete our assignments,
our friends, Ai Choo, Bak, Eliana, Joshua, Liza and Coumie(who had to answer all my silly questions regarding the assignments)

and last but not least, an endless list of Cohort Three coursemates.

Thanks to all of you and all the best in the exam!

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