Saturday, October 25, 2008


The last blog is dedicated to thank every one who have helped and guided me in this course. For me, this would be the most appropriate to end these series of blogs. Im very thankful to:

Professor Raja Maznah for her endless support, guide and constructive criticism,
Our three tutors who spent their time checking on our assignments and correct us gently
(ehem..they intimidated us at first with their strict and do-not-fool-around-with-us look. However, we soon found that we should not judge books by their covers),
my roommates, Ling and Rubi for staying awake and accompany each other when we try to complete our assignments,
our friends, Ai Choo, Bak, Eliana, Joshua, Liza and Coumie(who had to answer all my silly questions regarding the assignments)

and last but not least, an endless list of Cohort Three coursemates.

Thanks to all of you and all the best in the exam!

The last reflection

Dear all,

When I stepped in to MK1 on the first day of class for "Technology in ESL Classroom", I never thought I would enjoy the class as much. I always feel that there is not much to gain from this course. I thought that the most that could be included in classrooms would be Power Point Presentation, download a few videos and use them in classrooms or play some audio files for their listening skills.

To produce a video clip, an IWB exercise and to record audio files have never occurred to me. Although deep down in my heart, I always envied those that were able to produce beautiful and creative video clips, which are mostly about their life. It was only an eagerness to learn at that moment which soon would be forgotten and move on to other things which I felt is more significant.

When it is made compulsory in the course and we MUST learn this skill in order to produce the video for evaluation, I learnt and realised it was not that difficult after all. I was even able to teach my other friends who would want to use videos for their assignments.

Additionally, it was undeniable that although downloading video clips will be easier, it will be better to produce one of our own because we are able to suit the content of the video according to our students' needs.

It is indeed easier said than done. A lot of teachers out there were I SUPPOSE very energetic and innovative in creating their lesson plans at first when they started to teach but the enthusiasm soon faded after they taught year in, year out. On the contrary, of course there are some who has the passion to teach till the day they retire and the "burning flame" to teach did not die. These teachers touched millions of heart and made an impact in their lives.

I would yearn to be one!

The last assignment

I know this blog is a bit late for the submission for the last assignment.

However, the impact on me is not over yet.

I "grief" for the fact that it was the last assignment and the fact that I did not put much effort on it. I ought to be ashamed of myself BUT I was too ignorant to realise that it would be the last assignment for the paper of this semester.

At the same time, I felt touched by the effort all the tutors and the lecturer put in to get to know us, calling each of us to see who we are. In spite of the fact that they will not be meeting us much already after that, the effort was made. I wonder how many other "authorities" out there will do so. Even if he/she/they are to see us for another year, some may be busy to do so.

The tutors for this course were excellent. The remarks sometimes hurt us (slightly) but they were really excellent guide for us to improve on ourselves.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something that strikes me

I have been busy trying to complete my IWB assignment. Started -> In the process to complete it -> Completed it -> Did corrections -> Review -> and the steps are repeated again. So busy that I would say I have left my blog as well as Adec aside. Although my e-mails are full with mails from Adec, I hate to admit that I sometimes ignore them all. Conscience often gripped me that today, despite how much I wanted to complete everything and hand every thing over to my group leader, I took that precious hour off and check on Adec.

I found several discoveries:
1. Prof uploaded a story and every one commented on it. It was a story that is not new to me. I remembered reading it from lots of e-mails several friends sent to me. Even my mum sent it to me. However, it still has the same great impact on me. Well, I have not really found any one around in the varsity lately that would touch us personally. On the contrary, my first discovery proved that I MAY have the wrong perception. My second discovery:-

2. Our blog - We were supposed to enter a new post every week. Due to piles and piles of assignments bombarded to us, most of us did not keep it updated. (I feel not a tinge of guilt but a pang and ongoing strong feeling of guilt because I am one of them)
This is the exact quote from our Prof:

" If you remember the marks for the blog is 20%. I would hate to have to deduct your marks as per your mediocre performance in the blogs. However, I will be lenient with you if you can show me at least 6 entries of QUALITY blog entries, then you will be excused. If you are not sure of what the QUALITY means, please check with the assignment question 1 again".

At this instance, I realised that she is "Mrs Thompson" and we are "Teddy". Thanks a lot. She touched me with her care and understanding. I have learnt something valuable. Although it is a big class that we are in but she did not overlook the problem we faced.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It has been ages since I updated my blog.

Life in the varsity revolves too much around assignment, quiz and tasks.

The most current assignment for this paper, Smartboard a.k.a IWB is really making me cracking my head. To say that I started really early would be a lie. However, as my code of conduct is "THIS is a GROUP work so I have to do better in this than any individual assignment".

Instead of doing it individually for our own parts, the three of us -Rubi, Ling and I are going to do it together to produce 3 smartboard exercises; reasons being we have to produce a Science task for our pupils. Well, well, well, mathematics is our minor and to produce something for a Science lesson, we shall call Eliana to the rescue -> Eliana would u be kind enough to lend us Science CS?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

SMS (Save My Soul)

We sat through another Wednesday, another 3 hours lecture for Technology. I do not want to lie in order to obtain high marks by making any particular group happy by saying "Well, I love Technology class". Of course in every lecture, I manage to grasp a new skill. I appreciate the work load our tutors have to bear in order to put the message across to us. Maybe I have not really got used to the things around here. Week 5, I am lost in this jungle and going deeper into it without a compass.
We were informed that we have another assignment that has got to do with SmartBoard today. Well, well..thought we have just came back from the battle field for the video assignment. To say that I love to do assignments would definitely be an understatement of the year. To say that I have the kind of flow in mood will the the most accurate. If I feel the urge to do something, I find it very difficult to stop. - Just like publishing a few blogs in a day-
The lecture on SmartBoard was interesting. This compliment comes from the bottom of my heart. Although I normally find it very difficult not to move on to Slumberland half way through a lecture, I did not have difficulty in keeping awake this time despite the only precious forty winks. Ms Fenny, not a stranger to most of us as she conducted our one day training last year was as fabulous as before. Her explanation was crystal clear. She did not even scold us if any of us do not know how to carry out her instruction although it is something she has already taught. This made me feel very guilty whenever I am caught in one of those constant lapse of concentration.
When we were given the gist of the day(the task), I envy the creativity of my dear coursemates who seem to be flooded with heaps of endless creativity. Well done, my friends!

I am Back

Right..As the title suggested, I'm back. Some of you know what I mean. If not, it's for me to know, for you to find out. The silence period was not meant for nothing. It has been a really tiring week for me. I have no idea about the rest. However, the video clip assignment was really "killing" for a not-so-techno-savvy low-profile person like m. *chuckles*
The windows movie maker was so unstable that I had to redo the whole thing for numerous times till I too had lost count. *sweat* There were times when I really felt like giving up. However the fact that the marks for everyone in the same group will obtain the same marks held me back. I want to die BUT the rest should NOT die with me. Hence, I did that not-so-brilliant assignment with my not-so-smart brain till about 5 am. Hey, do not think that I did a last minute work k.I started very early but when I opened that file on Tuesday night, wow~ "miraculously", the file is corrupted. phew~
Well, I'm glad it was an acceptable video clip by the time I turn in to bed at 5am. Of course I dread to think how I would manage if I repeat this same mistake of not clearing my doubts next time. I ought not to forget my best friends (Ling, Rubi and Josh) for their endless support. Ling, half-asleep gave the encouragement to me and even helped me to draw my storyboards.(I'm extremely bad at drawing) Rubi accompanied me by completing her work till about 4.30am. Josh never endlessly asked if I finished my video, to remind me, I suppose)
Anyway, I could not stop wondering how this skill is gonna be useful for classroom purposes? Do clear my doubts and my deluded mind...
If you are an avid fan of technology, do not be offended cause I truly did enjoy the process of producing the video clip and learnt really a lot.